Fighting the Opioid Crisis in Peterborough

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The Opioid Crisis in Peterborough has affected too many families, with lives ruined and lost to addiction and mental health challenges. MPP Smith’s plan to deal with the crisis involves an integrated approach to strengthen existing mental health and addictions serves, create new and innovative supports in Peterborough and transform local health services into a patient-centred system; breaking down silos between existing providers. Here’s what he has accomplished so far: 

  • Increase funding for the Canadian Mental Health Association – Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge by 10 percent;
  • MOBIS – Built-for-purpose buses, staffed by social workers, therapists, registered nurses, and addictions counsellors, travels to rural communities to deliver mental health and addictions services to individuals at-risk;
  • $750,000 to establish Withdrawal Management Services (Residential Detox Beds) through Fourcast, with $500,000 in annual funding to operate beds; helping break addictions under medical supervision;
  • Peterborough Health Team, as part of Ontario’s health care reform, is creating a single unit comprising all of our local health care providers to offer seamless, streamlined health care; breaking down silos between services; 
  • $1,350,000 in annual funding for the Opioid Response Hub, located in downtown Peterborough. The Opioid Response Hub will offer harm reduction services, mental health and addictions counselling, and pathways to treatment for the most vulnerable; 
  • $375,000 to fund Right to Heal, a local non-profit, to deliver addictions intervention and therapy to the highest-risk individuals to move them to sobriety.