MPP Dave Smith Announces Funding for Peterborough County-City Ambulance Services

MPP Dave Smith with Chief Randy Mellow of Peterborough County/City Paramedics

Peterborough – The Ontario government is investing nearly $764 million in the province’s Land Ambulance Service Grant (LASG) to help municipalities facing increased cost pressures in their emergency departments. As part of this funding, the Peterborough County-City Paramedics will receive $8,701,551 to support the hiring of additional paramedics, wage and cost of living adjustments, and general ambulance services operation to meet the needs of the local community.

“When people call 911, they need to know that paramedics will arrive quickly to meet their needs. A delay in a service call of just minutes can lead to drastically different results,” said MPP Dave Smith.

“The Peterborough County-City Paramedics work hard to deliver emergency medical care. This investment will help all of us receive better service when our loved ones pick up the phone at that critical time,” MPP Smith added.

Through the LASG, municipalities receive funding for 50 per cent of the costs for their land ambulance operations. This funding is part of the government’s commitment to building a modern, sustainable, and connected emergency health system that supports every Ontarian on their health care journey. This also supports the government’s work on the Plan to Stay Open: Health System Stability and Recovery, to ease pressures on our health care system, hire more health care workers and providing the right care in the right place to Ontarians.

“We appreciate the ongoing collaboration and support from the Province as we face the systematic pressures experienced in our community. The Province has supported or response to COVID 19 and recognized the need for support continues as we emerge from the Pandemic in order to provide stability required for our Paramedic Service to ensure we meet the community’s needs,” said Chief Randy Mellow.

In addition, the Ontario government is also continuing to fund 100 per cent of costs for Central Ambulance Communications Centres (CACCs) to dispatch ambulances, helping to deliver equitable emergency health services to Ontarians across the province.